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My mission is to inform and help facilitate the decision process through the employment of proactive slope monitoring programs that provide interpretations on potentially dangerous slopes long before critical, unstable conditions begin. By combining data from existing slope monitoring technologies with the relatively recent advancements in near-real-time ground-based InSAR (GBInSAR), I have significantly reduced risk by successfully predicting slope failures days in advance of the actual failure time. 


Employing a critical slope monitoring (CSM) program at locations presenting a real risk to people and infrastructure is a proven risk reduction system. A CSM program requires proactive client commitment, a dedicated monitoring professional, and monitoring technology that provides processed data in minutes 24/7 in all weather conditions. Employing a CSM program presents numerous advantages over *deferred data technologies including:


  • Near-real-time movement trend analyses that can decrease many assumptions when using long-interval data acquisitions (deferred data).  

  • Increasing the effectiveness of trigger action response plans (TARP) in coordination with CSM data and site-specific emergency response protocols with higher confidence.  

  • Multiple alarming methods and messaging options when using near-real-time GBInSAR technology.

  • The ability to document in near-real-time slope and highwall response from blast vibrations, equipment vibrations, excavation rates, and depressurization effects. 

  • Maximizing production and safety when incorporating GBInSAR's submillimeter accuracy to confirm slope movement trends.

  • Increasing investor and client confidence from the proven risk reduction results of a dedicated CSM program. 






* Deferred data technologies are monitoring technologies that may or may not acquire data quickly but require hours or longer to process data are defined here as deferred data technologies.  Any delay in data acquisition, processing, and interpretation increases the risk to people and infrastructure.  


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